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Our extensive experience with (multi) touch soft-ware has led to a software suite that fully meets the needs of today. The permanently growing n-umber of applications offers different options for your audience to inform and entertain.

Red Carpet

Share the photos from mobile or digital camera

  • eBoard and uTable software
  • Memorizes connected Wi-Fi
  • Mini digital camera
  • Producing linked Tag Object
  • Photo printing
  • Share photos, using a web server to transfer to wall

Hollywood Hands

For promotion and guest book purpose

  • eBoard and uTable software
  • Handprint on virtual frame
  • Keep the record of customers and guests
  • Send an email via server

Treasure Hunter

For Promotion and Entertainment purpose

  • uTable software
  • Configure the objects
  • Shake to find the treasure
  • Tag the treasure to score

Ball & Cup

Entertainment purpose for Bars

  • uTable software
  • Configure the objects
  • Place the glasses and let the game begins
  • Ball will start bounce and goes into one of the glass in random timing

Retail Store Solution

Product to eBoard and uTable Place a product or sample on eBoard or uTable for information

  • eBoard and uTable software
  • Tag sticker for products
  • Building a product information Website
  • CMS service

Digital Books

Digital Book Solution & Video promotion and entertainment purpose for kids

  • eBoard and uTable software
  • Configure the objects
  • Contents changes as flipping the clear paper book


  • Enhanced Learning

    • Make a motivational and encouraging atmosphere
      in the classroom with a lot of sensor stimulus and
      captivating activities.
  • Primary Education

    • Allows children to learn and work together simultaneously
    • Develops sense of sharing and integrates technology into all aspects of the curriculum
  • Secondary Education

    • Encourages Students to exchange their ideas easily, supporting open discussions
    • Helps students to work independently and interact with the teacher at the same time
  • Higher Education

    • Very effective for lecture, long distance learning, and small group tuition settings
    • Create an Information desk where students can search the courses, subjects, view the administrative information, schedules of each department and more

    • Use more powerful applications when designing, calculating,
      modelling, or assessing medical situations, to create a ‘hands on’
      example, or for teaching and demonstration purposes.
  • Conferences & Meetings

    • Use it as a presentation medium; share documents annotate or edit in real time, and brainstorm ideas
    • Allows you to interact with other people remotely using teleconference, or via an existing network
  • Engage Commercial Area

    • Engage your customers by placing boards in accessible locations such as lobbies, cafes, or museums, and using games, puzzles and fun galleries for them to interact with photos, videos, documents, webpages, global maps and all kinds of different applications.
  • Entertainment Centre and theme park

    • Can be used for children’s games, playing video clips, music albums,floor directory information
    • Fantastic for displaying interactive information such as attraction
      guides, photo finders, restaurant bookings and menus, transport time tables, event lists and more
  • Events & exhibitions

    • Eye catching and intuitive
    • Immediately engages customers and visitors with the products or
  • Hospitality

    • Guests can choose their room and check in, compare rooms, and view facilities
    • Customers can look up sightseeing options, restaurants, entertainment, shopping locations and check flight times from their rooms or lobby

Interactive Communication

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