Personal Setting

0:07 Floating Annotation Toolbar options: Side Bar or Universal Bar
0:29 Automatic startup and shutdown
0:54 Changing Input source name

Network Setting


Installing other APPS

0:07 Bring up the debug menu
0:20 Android Setting, Change Unknown Sources -> ON
0:35 Download Free APK File on USB
0:37 Install the File

0:58 Uninstalling the app

ScreenShare Pro

Wireless Display

Display Setting

Q. My computer screen is black, but I can see on eBoard screen.
How do I change this?
0:30 change to "Duplicate the displays"

Q Screen Ratio/Scale is not right...What do I do?
0:40 Graphic Settings
0:50 Change to "Scale Full Screen"


Import Image
Import PDF

How do you clean the eBoard screen?

Before you clean your interactive whiteboard screen,make sure eBoard is shut down or disconnect the connected computer.
To clean dust, dirt and finger grease, wipe the writing surface with a damp cloth or sponge. Use mild soap,
if required. If fingerprints aren’t coming off, spray non-alcohol Windex cleaner on a cloth and then gently wipe the interactive surface. Never use isopropyl alcohol, acetone, Lysol wipes or any other wipe.

Lifespan of eBoard?

The lifespan of eBoard panel is about 30,000 hours. With a daily average usage time around 8 hours, the lifespan of the device will be about 6-8 years. However, the lifespan can be shortened by other factors as well.

Can I connect external cameras or speakers?

YES. You can connect your cameras with USB cables into eBoard’s USB port. For most of the trusted brands in the market will work fine but in some cases, due to the low product quality, it may not work on eBoard.

For external speakerphones or microphones, you can connect with USB or Audio Input.